Kenyon's Diary's #7


Hello muddah, hello faddah  

Here I am at Kenyon's Resort'a, Oh' This place is, entertaining
And they say we'll have some fun, If I stop complaining...

I went out drinking, with 1800
We developed double vision                                                

It's no wonder,

Do you remember, just what we did
Been asking all our friends and nothing gives

All though they say that, They have pictures,                                           

That would explain exactly how, I got these slivers 

All the employees, They carry weapons  

And that makes me scared, to ask any questions

Although they tell me that they won't hurt me   

Have you hear what happened, to the old man Kenyon?

And Sage Lake, it has cement comomno's
We tied the boat to one that read AL CAPONO"

And they say, the Purple Gang they did hang here.

Distant relatives I think may still be in here 

Now, I don't wanna have to scare you
But I hear voices calling to me in my bedroom

Do you remember, Jeffrey Hardy
He came up missing late last night, after the party.

I heard some gun shots, But was reminded                 

Nothing goes on here,  I know their ly'en

It's just me now, late and worried                                         

I'll grab my bottle and off to bed, I will scurry

Praying for some double vision,                                         

The 1800 will prevent me from being witness...

Oh Mr. Kenyon, why didn't you tell me?                                  

I would be haunted by the ghosts within this building!

I'll say goodnight now, I'm feeling jaunted…                             

Confidentially, It's not the boose though, this place is haunted!

Please feel free to, come and visit,                                        

It only sounds bad, but it's actually quite exquisite!

By the way, perhaps I should tell you

If your a non believer, this place will convince you!

Lotza Love

Barbara Goodboo  @ 2006


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