Kenyon's Diary's #6


Hello, hello… I'm back!!!

I bet you missed me, didn't you?  Yes, It's been awhile, but I've tapped back into the Internet and I'm here to tell you what's been going on!  

That woman "Barb" has been at it again!  The last time we talked I was telling you about the conversations Barb and Uncle Jim were having about my broken windows, remember?  

Well they've gone and done it again!  She hired that contractor guy named Loni' and he arrived with his posse of demolition people and began ripping and tearing out my antique windows!  I thought she liked antique's what is her problem???  

Just because I throw a few window panes now and then, she doesn't have to replace them.  Just because I have plexy glass and duct tape holding some of them together is no reason for her to say things like I'm unsightly and energy inefficient!  This name calling has got to stop, just because I recommended she should go on a diet she appears to be on a vengeance over it!  It's not like I let her big butt fall threw the steps or anything, yet! 

Plus it has taken me years to permanently make those windows stick shut… I had to start leaning, (when your as big as I am it's hard to do) just to create water damage to induce swelling  and wa'la' the window pane finally broke!  Does she not appreciate all that hard work I had to go through to achieve that result!!!   Besides, it was so amusing when it rained, watching her scamper around with rags and buckets to catch the drips…

Also the duct tape thing, to prevent the cold weather from coming in was another fun moment in my life to watch. Her and Uncle Jim with duct tape,oh so funny!

I felt so unappreciated.

Well, the story goes on, that crew started carrying those brand new windows in and installing them, one by one the job was done, but not with out incident!  Yes, I made sure every step of that procedure was intense and time consuming.  I also made sure to intimidate a few workers when they were alone, just to remind them, I am a force to be reckoned with!  

If they think they can come in here, strip me of my rotted wood structure, take away my panes and bare my naked body to the whole lake, well they are wrong. They have officially ruffled my shingles now!

I'll get even, eventually!

Let them attempt to put a square window into a slanted square hole, then watch the cursing begin…  Now attempt that another  34 times just on hotel room windows alone hahahaha…  

That will teach them all…  They will be here for days!!!  Things are about to get interesting.

I'll keep you posted as they develop!

Signing off for now, This Ol' talking building!

Kenyon's…   1-20-11


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