Kenyon's Diary's #5


Hello there, It’s me again!  


A Great Big... Old Building... That Talks...

Yes, I talk and to prove it, just keep reading!   It’s been a strange ol’ winter this year,  Lots of snow to begin with then none to speak of...  However I must admit no snow means no company running throughout me playing loud music and dancing!  I used to spend my time complaining about the noise and confusion, the holiday winters brought on but, I actually missed it this time!

But don’t tell Barb!   I make it my mission in life to give her a hard time about everything from day to day operations to maintenance.  However, she always pulls through and seems to welcome my misbehaviors as a challenge!  

How “ever so annoying” I might add!

This winter I haven’t had any opportunities to cause Barb to much trouble so I have had to stay busy causing Uncle Jim and Auntie Liz trouble instead!  I have managed to make sure the fish tank broke and the pumps needs repaired, this I thought was a great one, but Uncle Jim talked to Barb and they decided to just buy some new equipment and update the tank...  Boy oh boy thats gets under my shingles!  They don’t seem to be to worked up about it!  

Then I decided to terminate power to the power supply that they need to de-ice my roof!  Hahaha I thought that will be a good one,  but that didn’t seem to ruffle their feathers either.  They had a back up plan for that too!   

I didn’t bother to kill the power to the whole building this year because she has that big darn back up generator which takes all the fun out of things, so I will have to dream up something else!  

Although I admit Auntie Liz and Uncle Jim are still very easy to scare!  

That is something I can still work with and it keeps me from being bored!

I over heard Uncle Jim talking to Barb on the phone the other day, They have plans to replace my upper levels windows...  I know I can have some fun with this one!  Those old windows are fragile and it won’t be an easy job...  Many windows, not enough duck tape!  This will make her regret fixing me up!  

I’ll prove to her yet, that an old timer like me is set in my ways and I don’t care to change!  I liked my crooked walls and broken windows, I enjoyed a leak or two on rainy days and interior plumbing mishap’s, what’s the big deal!  Back in my day people used to use “out houses...”  

Why she feels so compelled to fix me up is beyond me! 

Barb even went out of her way to get some fancy alarm system installed, why I ask?  Does she feel someone might steal me?  I’m too big to be stold...

If she wants to fix something up so badly I could recommend her a good diet plan!  And if uncle Jim keeps on like he has been doing I could spring a leak in the speak easy lounge roof again and I know he’s not going be happy with that one!  As for that Auntie Liz, (aka: miss numbers) she better be nice or I’ll sabotage her office chair just one more time!

They just don’t get it!  I like myself just the way I am!  Old- wrinkled- creased and even weather worn!  When will they learn?  

If they don’t leave me alone I’ll start setting off that alarm system on a regular basis just to keep them on their toes, that could be fun and I’ll wait until the middle of the night when it would be most irritating...   Then they will learn?  

Can’t Uncle Biloux do something to keep them off my back?  Well for now i’ll just be content sneaking on her internet and posting these messages...

Until next time, one beautiful old Talking Building, signing off!

Kenyon’s...   2-5-10


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