Kenyon's Diary's #3


Hello there again! I’m back... 

Wow, it’s been a while...

I know some of you were worried, 

You hadn’t heard from Me, in awhile...

Thank you for your concern, and I’m still around!

Thanks for your letters and writing to me!

I’m glad you stopped by to see me and stayed for that drink...

I saw you looking and checking me out, 

I am an Old Building...  I stand here pretty proud!

I realize I was torn up, as all of you could see...

I am feeling better, I think my new look works for me!

These Pine Logs inside me, seem to be wearing alright,

I think I will keep them and they smell mighty nice!

I like these new windows, I can see pretty good...

I’ve got a great view, As a Old Building should!

My lights feel real pretty and the new wiring will do

I think I’ll hang in here, for another century or two!

However what is the deal, with that 3 tier bear tree?

And what in the heck does it, have to do, with me?

I see Uncle Tom Horton, always mess’in around

He tends to that tree, him and his hound!

There’s that guy Uncle Connie, always mowing my grass...

Barb and Biloux are always fix’in my ....

Boy let me tell you, This place never sleeps

Barbs always here!  There’s kids under feet!

Then you have, that Uncle Jim Dude,  

The Cooks in the Kitchen, Waitress’s too, 

The Dishwasher Lady and then, all of You!

I am a very old building, As Most of you know,

I know everything that goes on here, I’ve watched this Lake Grow!

I’ve got some stories, some better not told!  

A few that are new and some that are old!

However there are a few things, I’d like to share, 

If you are still reading this, then I know you dare!

To ask Uncle Jim, what Alcohol goes into a tequilla sunrise,

Because I heard him ask that question, not just once, but three times!

Then there was Barb, when making a call, 

Forgot who she Was, and who she was Call’in...

Aunt Carrie and Uncle Ron, well what can I say?

They were secretly talking about moving in here, one day!

There’s secrets going on here as I overhear...

Uncle Ron hid Kristen’s money box, and a lesson was learned...

Jessica can now tell the difference, between her Arm and a Hand, 

Aunt Kathy keeps on mumbling, Another Paper Jam!!!

Morgan is a running, She’s learning to do, 

Lots of things here, Waitressing too!

I over heard Kaylee, make a statement,  That made me laughed till I creaked,

She didn’t know, tomatoes went into Chili,  I creaked till I leaked...

Heather was making Pizza, I saw it explode,

She actually managed to fix it and that bugger was sold! 

Aaron is a bartender but he mostly tends, 

To Aunt Carrie and Aunt Kathy, 

They’re cussing at that computer again...

UnCool Al is still suffering, he’s having it tough,

He suffers from writers block and if that isn’t enough...

I am still stuck here with Barb acting as my Host, 

I’ve had better conversations, just me and my Ghosts!

She made Laura a manager, That girl is great,

I trap her long hair in my rickety gate...

Karen with her, cell phone, sounds like a door bell

Aunt Liz on the front porch, giving Uncle Jim hell!

These are the things, they think I don’t know

I ease drop and listen, while I continue to grow old!

This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

If you have any questions, You know how to do it!


Your secretly talking ol’ Building...


Until next time!



© kenyonshideout 2013