Kenyon's Diary's #2


I’m Back!  Once again,   I’ve Managed to Tap into the Internet! 

Yes I’m a Talking Building- My name Is Kenyon’s…  

And This is My Story!!!                                             

It’s so good to be able to contact all of you like this...  

Ever since She (Barbara-my New Owner) took over 

It’s been a real roller coaster ride around here!  

Restore this- Restore that-

Replace this- Replace that-

What’s This- What’s that- 

Fix This- Fix that-

Who does she think she is?  

I’m too old to be pushed around like this!

I’m content being crooked- I don’t mind the fact that my Dining Room Windows lean in!  I have adjusted to the fact that half my windows don’t open any more, most were nailed shut, What’s her Problem?

She continues to have conversations with that Guy I told you about before, the one called Architect !  To add insult to Injury, she even called back those Contractor guys, now there all poking at me from inside to out, looking for something wrong!

I’m just fine- dam it, why won’t they just leave me alone?

The first time this guy named Lonnie came over with his partners in crime, they gutted my dining room ceiling.  The next time They came over they demolished my Vip Room Ceiling...  Today they came back and removed my Entire Kitchen Ceilings and if that weren’t enough, 

They took out my VIP Bathroom ceilings too!

They’ve left me here “Board Naked”  My “Plumbing is exposed” and now those “Electrical People” sent over from Uncle Dick’s 60 Lakes Electric  have been chasing my “Knob and Tube Wiring” everywhere and Removing it all!

And Don’t think I haven’t noticed the Company Names on all those trucks involved!  Just wait until I get done with them, they’ll regret taking on this job!  My Ghosts and I have a few ways of expressing ourselves...

What’s up with this Uncle Digger Dale? Every time he shows up they start trenching my yard…  I get new drain tiles and water proofing done. Flooding was becoming my favorite past time, why is he taking away my fun???

What did I ever do to them and their Friends that I should Deserve this!

I’m just a very old Building, that is set in my ways!  I act up occasionally, 

Ok...   more like “all the time”  But hey’ who’s counting?

However,  I realize it’s Barbara who is putting them all up to this, so to get even...

Today- I set off her nice new Ansul System in the kitchen, just so she could see how well it works!!!  

"She’ll be cleaning that one for a while”...

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the TLC she has given me, butt- she’s starting to get under my shingles; 

Some one better talk to her!  Look for Yourselves, I’ve provided You with pictures

She’s gone mad, I tell ya!  Absolutely Mad!!!

Stay Tuned

For the "Rest" of my life!

Kenyon’s...  11-05-06. 


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