Kenyon's Diary's #1



Hello, My name is Kenyon's and this is my Story!

I am  a very Old Resort, Established in 1903 by Charles Kenyon…  

I was developed as a dream, I too, was once Somebody’s Baby!

I have lived a long life and survived Most of my Past Owners!

I have sheltered many Families, Witnessed many tears, 

Most Happy, Some Sad, Yet all were Wonderful, 

I have personally spent my whole life helping to drive my Owners Crazy!  I have been Loving, yet Demanding! I Break Down alot and then my Owners end up having Breakdowns!

 Through all these years,  I have had the privilege to be part of many Celebrations for many people, right here, on my front lawn, Sunbathing on my beach, Fishing in my lake, hunting in my woods, Riding Horse back on my trails and boy oh boy, If my walls could talk!!!  

(But that’s another Story) I continue to recognize familiar faces from around the Lake, Generations of them in fact!  I’ve heard you all make comments about my newest Facelift, Thank You for Noticing!  Even more so, Thank You for Caring!

I’ve also noticed every time I have a Break Down, you all jump right in there to help defeat the situation and concur the moment!  I am Old!  

I Break down to get your Attention!  My Ghost’s make me do it!  

My current Owner Barbara,  has been having some pretty serious talks lately about Me to some Contractor Guys and I feel this last Temper Tantrum I just threw is going to get me some real action taken this time!  She seems to be pretty serious (Maybe I went to far).  

I was only playing around and I didn’t mean to unload as much water into her Dining Room ceiling as I did And the fact that the water took out her Electricity in so many areas was not something I was expecting to do! It was a accident I tell ya, but I don’t think she believes me!

She may have heard that excuse before somewhere!

I’ve heard her use words like I’ll fix it for good this time,  Once and for all!  Some One Help!  (My New Owner might be going Mad!)

She actually ripped my soggy ceilings out and then she took my carpet too!  I would have actually dried out on my own in a few years or more!

She left me naked and exposed, Now everyone can see my (things)...

It’s embarrassing to have people come in and look at my Bare Rafters, Wooden Floors,  Saggy  Joices and Leaky Cast Iron Water Pipes. 

She said some antiques have to go!  (I thought she liked antiques)...

I even overheard her (Her and Auntie JeanAnn) using words like Interior Support Beams and Architect in the same sentences!  Now I’m Worried!

No Matter how much I Dish Out...  She keeps fixing!  

I am supposed to be a retired old Building! 

Now She’s taking this whole new Dining Room thing to far!  Including a Balcony and Live Music during Dining Hours and everything... Today they just poked another whole in my wall to restore an old door!

Every time I break Down she goes off on some tangent and she builds something new on me to get even!  I call this "Old Building Abuse" !!!

I take out the Kitchen and Dining Room, she builds a new Out Side Grill!

She says she will stop at nothing and I am beginning to believe her!  She keeps having those Inspector People come out and look at me and who’s this New Guy named Architect? 

I’ll write more later, but I hear my Owners coming and they don’t know I’ve tapped into the internet system yet!

Ever so Clever...    Kenyons!..   12-25-05


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