Kenyon's Diary's... 

  These are the thoughts of an old talking building, known as Kenyon's Resort…

Capable of Tapping into the internet and telling it's own story!

Below you find a breif description of me and…  

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About Myself:

Name: Kenyon’s and I'm a talking building!

Gender: Female

Age: 107 yrs old as of "2005"

Birthday: August 24th

Status: Still Standing

Hometown: Lupton MI

Education: Life 

Major: Social Events

Minors: Always welcome

Occupation: Family Resort

My Contact Info:


Phone:  (989)-473-2442

Home Page web site:

Dairy's Page web site:

My Favorites:

Activities:   IrrItating all of my Past and Present Owners...

Hobbies: breaking down regularly, springing leaks, power outages, foundation issues...

Quote:  Kenyon’s For The “Rest” Of Your Life

Food: My owners have all said I eat money like it’s going out of style...

Travel Desinations: There’s no place like home!

Achievements:  Growing Old with my Owners...

Goals:  To Continue to  "Out Live"  all my Owners!  And to write stories and tell everyone about it!  smile... 

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